Program overview 2020

Aligner Orthodontics between Science and Practice

FRIDAY, NOV. 20, 2020

9.30 am
Miethke, Rainer-Reginald
Baresel, Ingo
Clearing a vista in the jungle of intraoral scanners
Castroflorio, Tommaso
Open bite treatment with aligners: research and clinical applications
Elkholy, Fayez; Weber, Sophia; Lapatki, Bernd
Biomechanical comparison of different aligner modifications to the palatal movement of incisors

10.55 am
Discussion, coffee break

11.40 am
Krey, Karl-Friedrich
Biological reality of computer planned tooth movements with aligners - a multicenter, prospective study
Farina, Achille
Why not consider science instead of just practice when treating patients with aligners?

12.40 pm
Discussion, lunch break

2.00 pm
Haubrich, Julia
Interdisciplinary treatment in aligner orthodontics - it won‘t work without teamwork
Zuran, Dietmar
All aligners are equal - some are more equal than others...
Drechsler, Thomas
Clinical gap management with the aligner therapy

3.30 pm
Discussion, coffee break

4.15 pm
Torsello, Ferruccio
Different aligners for different indication
Peylo, Stephan
Take it easy! Simplification of aligner treatment by using auxillaries and hybrid technology
Sonnenberg, Boris
Digitization in the practice

5.35 pm

5.50 pm
Presentation of the science prize

6.00 pm
Get-together at the Gürzenich

SATURDAY, NOV. 21, 2020

9.00 am
Ludwig, Björn
Clinical and scientific aspects of hybrid treatments: The combination of brackets, wires, aligners, and more...
Dan, Chisato
The biomechanics of aligners in open bite cases
Malekian, Kamy
Treatment of impacted canines: pre-teen start & prevention
Pichelmayer, Margit; Grießer, Thomas
Additive fabricated elastic aligners compared to conventional

10.50 am
Discussion, coffee break

11.30 am
D‘Antò, Vincenzo
Clear Aligner Therapy: Current indications and limits
Schwarze, Jörg
Interproximal reduction in aligner therapy. A necessary evil or the key to better results?
Erbe, Christina
Change in quality of life and plaque level during the
aligner therapy in young people

12.50 pm
Discussion, lunch break

2.00 pm
Scheurer, Phil
Growth control with aligners?
Schupp, Werner; Funke, Julia
In-Office vs. outsourced workflow
Bittner, Woo-Ttum
How valuable are aligners really? Economic considerations of aligners in the context of orthodontic treatment

3.30 pm
Discussion, coffee break

4.15 pm
Wilmes, Benedict
Aligners and mini-implant sliders
Benattia, Akim
Treating all patients with in-office aligners - the challenge
Carvajal Monroy, Paola
Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the orthodontic treatment with clear aligners

5.25 pm
Discussion and closing remarks

6.10 pm
General assembly

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