Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you again to the fifth scientific congress of the German Society for Aligner Orthodontics, held once more in Cologne. No doubt you had good reasons to accept our invitation. As in the past, we have made every effort to put together an exciting program with a diversity of lectures. In addition, our staffs have outdone themselves as the trade exhibition is bigger than ever before. And the icing on the cake is an attractive social program.

In our last welcoming address, we spoke of competition stimulating business. But the dream of a professionally ordered cooperation of different aligner systems was disrupted by an obstructive nightmare because aligner therapies are now available without orthodontics. Direct suppliers offer such treatments more or less at material costs on the Internet. However, orthodontic therapies without medical expertise and control can rarely lead to satisfactory results. With urgency it therefore seems necessary to commonly discuss what reasonable measures are needed to put an end to this nonsense. In this discussion, understandable self-interest should give way to strong collegiality.

Yet there are not only negative aspects to report, as our work in the interest of our patients will be made easier by numerous and useful digital innovations - if we accept the related challenge. Our congress offers the ideal environment for this with its lectures and collegial.

Prof. em. Dr Rainer-Reginald Miethke
President of the DGAO e.V.

Dr Julia Haubrich
Conference chairwoman